what is always there (dec 2017) - an experimental piece using elements from short animation sketches posted on Instagram. the title refers to a question asked by a close friend. music by SHXCXCHCXSH.

password: sxch (password-protected through process of submission to festivals)

boids (june 2017) - a collaboration with musician rosie tucker completed in three days using auto-animation techniques and old voice memos of birdsong and rain

rustle (april 2017) - experiments in cloth simulation with music from Compass Ion, Bryan Kostors, and Groundislava, on a 70' x 12' screen at Rhythms + Visions: Expanded + Live 3 (press). adapted for the Women in Games International + Two Bit Circus Gala here

West Adams (29th and Halldale) (jan 2017) - an ode to the los angeles neighborhood inspired by composer John Cage's use of indeterminacy and by conceptions of motion in Athabaskan languages. we set up a 360 camera on a residential street corner, recorded for one minute, and used the results to create animation, experimenting with timing both to music and to the sound of the environment. funded by a generous grant from the Jaunt Cinematic VR Lab at the University of Southern California, and shot on the Jaunt One 360 camera. official selection of VRSC Fest 2017.

Anicca (may 2016) - a visual music piece in 360° reflecting on the Buddhist concept of impermanence. a collaboration with musician Compass Ion using motion capture of dancers Stevie Gibbs, Katrina Miller, and Emily Rawl. completed as a senior thesis in Animation and Digital Arts at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. funded by a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation. 1st Place in 360 Animation at VRSC Fest 2016. Semifinalist for Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Presented at VR Visual Music Lounge at Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 3. Official Selection of Adobe First Frame (Los Angeles, CA), Ivy Film Festival (Providence, RI), Nonplussed Fest (Los Angeles, CA), LifeArt Media Festival (Athens, Greece), Split Film Festival (Split, Croatia), and San Francisco Dance Film Festival (San Francisco, CA). 

Tiny Tortures (may 2015) - an unofficial music video for the Flying Lotus track, this was an experiment and a proof-of-concept for the melding of CG animation, 2D rotoscope, music, and dance that would become my thesis film "Anicca". 


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